JFSE – Volume 1, number 2, 2016


Volume 1, number 2, 2016


Nonlinear Height-Diameter Relationship Models for Gmelina arborea Plantation in Nimbia Forest Reserve, Nigeria                                                                            Page 1 – 6


Authors: Shamaki SB ● Mohammed I


  Impact of Land-Use Patterns on Plant Diversity in Ecological Zones of Kano State                                                                                                                                        Page 7 - 14

Authors: Magaji AB ● Tella IO



Effects of Locust Bean Tree (Parkia bigloybossa) Alley Cropped with Maize (Zea mays) on Early Tree Growth and Yield of Maize                                            Page 15 - 21


Authors: Odunola AO ● Alamu LO


  Prioritization of Non Timber Forest Products and Poverty Reduction in Ido Local Government Area of Oyo State, Nigeria                                                          Page 22 - 29

Authors: Soaga JA ● Adeyemi TA ● Adedokun MO


  Nutritional Value of Kariya (Hildegardia barteri) Oil as Basis for its Conservation                                                                                                        Page 30 - 36

Authors: Aremo AE ● Oluwadare AO



Assessment of Tree Diversity and Floristic Composition in a Planted Forest in University of Benin, Benin City, Nigeria                                                         Page 37 - 43


Authors: Isikhuemen EM ● Edore AA


  Assessment of Relative Abundance and Species Diversity of Avifauna in Mayo-Selbe Range of Gashaka Gumti National Park, Nigeria                                 Page 44 - 51

Authors: Mbaya YP ● Roland BN


  Assessment of Millennium Development Goals Water Projects on the Quality and Demand for Supply in Atyap Community of Zangon Kataf Local Government Area, Kaduna State. Nigeria                                                                                           Page 52 - 59

Authors: Yunana MA ● Dauda L ● Siaka S


  Fungicidal Effects of Spondias mombin Stem Extract on Selected Wood Deteriorating Fungi                                                                                              Page 60 - 66

Authors: Ogunjobi KM ● Thompson OE


  Bioactivities of Some Organic Agents on Seed Borne Microbes Associated with Black Velvet Tamarind (Dialium guineense)                                                  Page 67 - 73

Authors: Osaigbovo AU ● Akaeze OO ● Osagie JO ● Adekunle AT ● Law-Ogbomo KE ● Isikhuemen EM


  Relationship Between Anatomical Properties and Treatability of 21-Year-Old Polyalthia longifolia (Sonn) in Ibadan, Nigeria                                           Page 74 – 80

Authors: Ogunsanwo OY ● Sotannde OA ● Umar M


  Effects of Pretreatment on the Germination Response of Old Seed of Tetrapleura tetraptera                                                                                                               Page 81 - 86

Authors: Wakawa LD ● Akinyele AO


  Outcome of Pulverised Foliar Compost on Early Growth of Acacia senegal and Khaya senegalensis Seedlings in Semi-Arid Ecosystem                               Page 87 - 91

Authors: Adeogun PF ● Gatiwap J ● Usman A


  Zoometrical Measurements of Japanese Quails in A Semi-Arid Area of Nigeria                                                                                                                     Page 92 - 99

Authors: Raji AO ● Alade NK ● Medugu CI